How might we help young entrepreneurs make sustainable businesses?

At the African Development Network we believe in a future where Africa leads the way in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. We want to help young entrepreneurs make it happen. Please submit ideas for specific initiatives, opportunities or connections that we could make happen.

Connect entrepreneurs with sustainable suppliers

Create an online platform where young entrepreneurs can easily find and connect with local and sustainable suppliers for their business needs, promoting sustainability in their supply chains.

Wi-Fi Hub for Sustainable Startups

Create a physical and virtual space for young entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and access resources to build sustainable businesses. The hub could offer co-working spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, mentorship programs, and access to funding opportunities.

Sustainable Fashionista

Partner with local fashion designers to create a sustainable clothing line that supports young entrepreneurs and uses eco-friendly materials. Host fashion shows and pop-up shops to showcase the designs and provide opportunities for these entrepreneurs to connect with customers.

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